Naomi Infante


Naomi Infante, nata a Sassuolo il 16 Gennaio 1995. Diplomata al liceo dello Scienze Umane, ha sempre avuto un amore innato per la natura e i paesaggi. Da qualche anno ha maturato una passione per la fotografia paesaggistica e naturale. Ha sempre avuto anche un impeto verso la scrittura e le piace unire insieme queste due grandi passioni : fotografia e scrittura.


To see the rainbow you have to live the rain,

to live the best you have to go through the squall

Shout, cry, smile, sing out!

The abyss is just behind you.

Let the time flows

Find the bravery where you left it.

Restart to the end, everything can have a turning point

Don’t lead your being to loathe itself,

all because of you.

Shield your wholeness from the rotten.

Catch the moment when you find the chance.

Stand out in the darkness,

let admire your brightness just there,

where willfulness prevails.

Be willing, be sharp, don’t show off your skills

Think it over by yourself and don’t let cheat from the exterior.

Live all as best you can.

Even if things don’t always go the way we want them to,

keep the hope  alive forever.


Light of darkness

shines in this ocean full of lies and falsehoods

where the weak wants to be strong

and the strong can no longer be weak

Rays of gloom

surrounding this water, once crystal clear,

it approaches the man and devour him

pitiless eat until the last piece of his flesh

Sea full of sharks

with sharp teeth swim as winners

they show their medal convinced to dominate

a world of losers

Sky more and more grey

even with a shiny light

Seasons which no longer find their place

People who climb a mountain without peak

Life shameless

Nameless dead, with no face nor soul

Mass of idiots looking for a truth

where the stars don’t shine

Storms of arrows

hit the head of the convicted to the hell

who desires an heaven, found only mud

lying on the ground we’d rather to die


The dream is still alive…

I took a walk in the nature, in my place in the world.

Maybe this will be one of the last time,

maybe one of the many…

I don’t know where I will go.

This time I walked like a dreamer

This time I saw everything with different eyes.

I looked at the sky, and I started to

write in my mind…

I saw the green, I saw the sun.

I felt the adrenaline increases.

I felt the air, the perfect atmosphere,

I heard the music comes,

I walked.

I walked without think.

I admire the beauty of my town.

I loved every single second of that time…


I took pictures of that view.

They are all in my mind.

I stared the hills, the trees, the blue-light sky,

the street around me.

Yes, it’s all in my mind.

It’s sure they never disappear.

This rapture will never end.

The calm after the storm, the peace I found…